The 14th Expeditionary Force is a Persean Concord Navy taskforce whose members have been considered among the most important historical figures of the Cayornif Era for their participation in the 2nd Jandrian Galactic Survey and subsequent duty as interdiction fleet to the Dark Heart of Space. The current CO for the 14th Expeditionary Force is Rear Admiral Jacob Tylerson.

Original MissionEdit

The 14 Expeditionary Force was originally commissioned to provide fire support to remote assets of the Persean Concord Navy during the 4th Battle of Er-Rer in the Iteta Sector of the Jandrian Galaxy. Deemed an Expeditionary Force by Persean Concord Navy Command due to the flexibility of role that would be required in such an action, the 14th Expeditionary was dispatched with 2 support vessels (PSS Euhlotk and PSS Alexandra Jensen), 4 cruisers (PSS Melfon, PSS Yaire, PSS Pragans and PSS Jaramine) and one battleship (PSS Virtuous Uplifting). The 14th Expeditionary was to provide fire support and to run interdiction duty of the planet Er-Rer until such time as the PCN's medical corps could formulate a cure to the Er-Rerian Plague.

First Tour of the Dark HeartEdit

While underway for Er-Rer, communication on a distress channel reached Cpt Alyson Owen aboard the Virtuous Uplifting with an urgent request for reinforcement of a Galactic Survey fleet. After confirming the information and acquiring authorization for reroute, the 14th Expeditionary changed course to Anthaonete System to provide relief. Before arrival, the relief request was countermanded as a false alarm. Per standard operational parameters, however, the 14th Expeditionary continued underway after requesting and receiving reinforcement from the nearby Tromeria Sector.

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