Admiral Samuel Zevulun, born 934/1,480/Promise, is a Human flag officer of the Tinris World Navy and Naval press corps liason for Admiral's Second Battlegroup (ACBG-01). As such, he is the Admiralty's representative for the Home Office, offering final arbitration for the remaining Admirals by battlegroup precedence and providing direction for the Admiral's Second Battlegroup (ACBG-01).

Early Life and EducationEdit

Born to Anders and Samantha (nee Plover) Zevulun, a novelist and a career Naval officer respectively, Samuel Zevulun has stated on record that he was blessed with a sense of whimsy and creativity tempered by respect and responsibility at a very early age. The youngest of three boys, his older brothers Jan and Paul had already begun their careers (a reporter for the Iashadda News Network and a heavy weapons specialized Major in the Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps, respectively) by the time Samuel was born.

Samuel spent much of his early life aboard World Navy vessels by choice, though he claims that this was as much for the sense of wonder as it was for any interest in the World Navy itself.

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