Admiralty Square is the quadrangle used by senior cadets during their final year of training at the Tinris World Navy Officer Training College. It is so named for the statues of every Admiral of the Fleet which can be found at regular intervals around its outer edge.


Originally called simply Senior's Quad, the quadrangle took on its current moniker after the first statue of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon was erected in the northeast corner at the order of Admiral of the Fleet Kafa Goh. By tradition, a statue may not be placed of an Admiral during their term of service and statues are thus normally erected after the departure of an Admiral of the Fleet from their post, or posthumously. The only exception to this tradition to date has been that the statue of Mozdanhorzon was allowed to stand during his return to post after 20,000 years in the Era of Promise.


Admiralty Square has always been the privilege of final year students of the OTC, with any students not in their final year being punished - up to and inclusive of expulsion in the case of repeated offenses - for trespassing the quadrangle. The only exception to this tradition is during graduation ceremonies as these ceremonies are held in Admiralty Square and attendance by all students is mandatory.

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