The Advanced Weapons Engine, most commonly abbreviated A.W.E. and pronounced as 'awe', is a newly developed prototype weapons platform currently in development and testing as of 14,257 On.D. aboard WNS Arcadia's Revenge.

History and DevelopmentEdit

The Advanced Weapons Engine traces its origins to the first meeting of Persean Concord Navy engineering staff and members of the Society of Artisinal Magineers. Fast-tracked under the Voidwar Provisions Act of 1,524, the A.W.E. was deemed worthy of full field development and dispatched, along with its (promptly conscripted and commissioned) creator Ensign Lorengdan Tealeaf.

During the highly classified 14,257 On.D. voyage of WNS Arcadia's Revenge to the L14155/TT nebula adjacent to the Hidle System, the A.W.E. saw major refit and also received its first commissioned pilot, the Dral previously serving as the vessel's communications chief, Naerwhal. Through dedicated testing, rebuilding of the A.W.E.'s operating systems and further refinement of integrated magineering, the platform became rated for EVA and raid-style teleportation.

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