Aika IS-11 is a Gnome. The daughter of Go IS-11 and an unknown male progenitor, Aika IS-11 is a member of the crew of WNS Bright Star and was brought forward through time from her date of birth in the Era of Law to the Era of Promise.


Aika IS-11 is named in honor of her godmother, Aika Coppergate, with speculation that the homage is due to their mutual coloration. While this is conjecture, the commonality of their green coloration and hue is indisputable. Exarch Coppergate has been unavailable for comment.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Aika IS-11's birth and the events surrounding it have been long a matter of conjecture and mythology. What is known is that her mother is the former rogue modron G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11 (from which the surname IS-11 is derived). Her father is rumored to be a member of the World Navy vessel WNS G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11.

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