WNS Arcadia's Revenge (0-9) was an Elysium class class capital ship of the Tinris World Navy. She was the only ship of class within the World Navy, having been previously registered as XHS Arcadia.


Captured during the Second Battle of Xephspace intact and given to the Tinris World Navy by Admiral of the 3rd Transheart Fleet Isidora Kieran, a visiting dignitary of the Persean Concord Navy. On 771/1,523/Promise, she became the flagship of the Tinris World Navy fleet by order of Special Reconnaissance Executive 01.

Upon completion of the official transfer, she came under the direct command of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon. Her last acting CO was Captain Serena Kaisa of the Tinris World Navy. She was lost during combat action in the Battle of Nexspace when she rammed an enemy shipyard and was subsequently destroyed by nuclear explosion and she was lost with all hands on board. It is believed that the explosion was intentional, based upon a thorough review of tactical video footage captured during the battle.

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