An Arcology is, on modern Tinris, refers to a residential megastructure. Most such structures on Tinris house the primary form of housing and residence for the world's fourteen billion people.

Basic OverviewEdit

There have been a total of 8 arcologies on Tinris since the inception of the Great Works Project.

They are:

  • B'sesuat: Situated directly on the Estrynal north pole of Tinris and often referred to as “The Grand Experiment”, B’sesuat Arcology is the first racially integrated Arcology. Members of all races reside within the community and share equally in the rights and responsibilities of residence. The Arcology called Tangent is its brother community.
  • M'soroun: The second of the Pasydian Arcologies and the most recently built, M’soroun is often called The Courthouse. Housing the majority of the legal infrastructure of Tinris at large M’soroun is purpose-built to serve as an institution of, by and for The Law. This Arcology’s satellite Arcology – Rraskhare – is still under construction, with completion expected in late 1,524/Promise.
  • N'tofeag: Under the protection and auspices of Holinex the Polychromatic, this vibrant community is most commonly called Gnomehome. The second of the Orytonian Arcologies, it is located in the Menelstune mountains and therefore remains one of the backbones of Tinrisian industry. N’tofeag’s satellite is Delvehaven.
  • T'bomiex:
  • T'denier: this arcology and its satellite community - Tenigo Carisar - were destroyed by Agents of the Void using an unknown weapon of mass destruction in the year 1,524/Promise.
  • T'lassas:
  • T'lyweas: was destroyed in during the closing years of the Era of Ascension.
  • T'panyet:

The arcology system as it exists today was laid down during the Era of Reunification on the heels of the Reproductive Mandate. With population numbers booming, and the world's housing system in a pre-Collapse state at best, a crisis point was rapidly approaching. With other Great Works Projects underway, the spirit of racial cooperation was running high. This momentum, once applied to the growing housing crisis became the Great Arcology Project of 500 Reunification. T'denier, the first Orytonian Arcology, started construction in 505 Reunification and was completed in 712 of the same Era.