The Articles of Confederation are a series of legal documents, currently under planetary review, proposed by the individual governments of Tinris in an effort to unify world government under a single polity.


In the closing days of the Era of Promise and the very first weeks of the Era of Concord, it was decided by a group of political activists - primarily refugees from the destruction of Tenigo Carisar and surrounding regions - that a new form of unified governement would be better able to handle the challenges of world governance in the new political climate. These activists, through dedicated campaigning in every public forum, gained traction with the existing sovereignties in the summer of 1/Concord.


While simple and functional at the most basic level, the Articles represent a fundamental shift in Tinrisian political thought. Many people, even those most directly impacted by the War of the Void and the influx of Concord citizens and cultural ideology, found the old methods of governance quite satisfactory. Dubbed 'Inertialists' by the growing wave of Confederate reformers, these individuals launched their own political counter-attack in a vastly greater number of forums, given their proximity to existing seats of power. While outright physical conflict was and is rare, heated debate can be had in nearly any public venue even now.


Despite the disparate nature of governments in Tinris, in the winter of 3/Concord it was decided that the Articles be put up for global democratic ratification. With the state of the world, it is expected that by 7/Concord sufficient plurality will have been achieved to declare whether or not the Articles will become law.


At the most fundamental level, the Articles of Confederation present a sweeping reform to government on Tinris through the act of creating a single, global polity. Article Six, specifically, calls for the creation of a Representative Confederate Council from whom will be elected a President. This article also allows for a period of two years to transition from existing governmental structures to the new Confederation, during which the ranking members of each government will form the first Council.


The Preamble to the Articles of Confederation contains:

  • A series of platitudes for the people of Tinris for having survived an existential threat and for integrated with a new society;
  • A general call to action by the people of Tinris in forming a new, unified government in the aftermath of the recent tragedies;
  • And finally, a basic overview of the Articles of Confederation themselves.

Article OneEdit

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