Asilomar Prime Station is the common name for the Asilomar Unified Diplomatic and Transitive Habitat (less commonly AUDaTH). It is often considered the first Grand Arcology in Wildspace by Tinrisian natives, providing official residence to an average 500,000 permanent residents, 75,000 transient residents and 45,000 permanent operational staff - of which 12,000 are officers of participating militaries. Asilomar Station occupies a stationary orbit above the Isaacsphere Shipyard, with each providing the other with mutual defense and support infrastructure. At a length of nearly nine kilometers and with a displacement of four million tons, Asilomar Prime Station is the single largest space station in existence within Known Space and the eighth largest on record when including Persean megastructures.


The name Asilomar Prime is derived from the fact that the station maintains its position relative to the Shipyard by means of a series of gravitational counterweights intended to allow a smoother transition of gravity by approaching or departing vessels. These counterweights are numbered in ascending order (Asilomar Two through Asilomar Ten) by distance from the station.


Originally envisioned by the late Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon, Asilomar Prime Station is the fruit of several years of design and construction efforts by Naval Joint Command.

Discovered as one of the hundreds of design documents found in the effects of Mozdanhorzon after his death at the Battle of Nexspace, the plans for Asilomar Prime Station (along with the name itself) were in what most would consider an advanced draft state. It was clear that work would need be done to ensure proper diplomatic harmony with the resident races.


Asilomar Prime Station is divided into four cylinders. Each cylinder is color coded along its exterior hull and on its interior on all major thoroughfares, maintains some measure of autonomy and can be completely secured from the remainder of the station in times of dire need. Three Sections maintain a rotating outer hull with an inward facing, longitudinal 'window' - actually a bright light source - thus providing the illusion of a day/night (or, as is the case in Red Section, a summer/winter) cycle. The remaining Section maintains a consistently lit interior environment and thus does not possess a rotating hull.

White SectionEdit

White Section, colloquially dubbed Perseus Away, is the primary residence for persons originating within the Perseus Galactic Cluster for a variety of reasons. Not the least of these is that the entire Section, being built entirely of imported materials and by Persean workers, is considered completely sovereign territory. Secondary to this is the rotational period of its light panel - set at a twenty-four hour 'day'. The coloration of the exterior hull is provided by a sheath of highly polished white marble, imported from many different Concord worlds. The underlying exterior hull and support structures are reinforced, nanomachined carbon steel. The interior white markings come from synthetic white marble, also imported from Concord space.

White Section houses the majority of Persean embassies, amenities and luxuries. While all Concord races are represented within White Section, many non-human species prefer the environs of other Sections of the station for a wide variety of reasons.

Red SectionEdit

Red Section, colloquially dubbed Ankara Carisar, is the primary residence for persons originating from Tinrisspace proper. Its 'window' simulates the summer and winter day cycles of Tinris, as was experienced at the equatorial Arcology of Tenigo before its destruction. In a manner very similar to White Section, all construction materials and labor were provided by Tinris and thus Red Section maintains an equally sovereign status. The coloration of the exterior hull is provided by an intentional light-bleed from the rotating light panels. The outer hull and its underpinnings are constructed entirely of refined mithril imported from Tinris and assembled and magineered by the Society of Artisinal Magineers. The interior color panels are red by dint of permanent illusion magics, all of which bear unique markings for each deck.

Red Section houses the majority of Tinrisian embassies, amenities and luxuries. While all Known Space races are represented within Red Section, many non-Tinris native races prefer the environs of other Sections of the station for a wide variety of reasons.

Black SectionEdit

Black Section, colloquially dubbed Jammerton, is the primary residence for persons originating from within Known Space but from points away from Tinris. This is the sole Section which maintains a consistent interior lighting condition, its outer hull being fixed. The coloration of the exterior hull is provided primarily by the absence of other decoration and colored markings, though there are distinct markings on the exterior made with black paint - yielding a unique black-on-black. The outer hull and its underpinnings are constructed entirely of stone imported from Xephspace, allowing the entirety of the cylinder to serve as a living memorial to the victims of the Voidwar at large and those of Battle of Xephspace specifically. The interior color panels are black-on-black as well, made so either through clever paint application or illusion magic.

Black Section houses the majority of non-Tinrisian Wildspace embassies, amenities and luxuries. Black Section's port facilities are the single busiest on the station, providing a throughput of over two hundred vessels each day - with a majority of these vessels bearing cargo for distribution throughout the entire station.

Green SectionEdit

Green Section, colloquially dubbed The Garden, is the primary socialization and cross-cultural Section of the station. As the only non-residential Section, Green Section is nonetheless the single most important for a large number of reasons. The primary would also be the one that provides its coloration and moniker, the station's garden and hydroponics reserve. The entire exterior hull and much of its underpinnings is entirely covered with lush foliage, maintained by several resident GoG Co. affiliated Druids. It is this Section of the station that is most vulnerable to damage and thus is protected by multiply redundant security countermeasures, up to and including a massive wall of force effect that can be raised instantly should the station come under assault or have to transit the Dark Heart.

Green Section houses the main conference and trade venues for the station, including the largest single docks on the station for long-term use, the station's primary bazaar and the station's only officially authorized arms retailers.

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