The Asilomar Station Counterweights are a series of gravitational anchors placed strategically about Asilomar Prime Station.


The official purpose of the Asilomar Station Counterweights is 'to allow a smooth gravity transition for pilots inexperienced with Wildspace gravity effects on approach or departure from Asilomar Prime Station'.

Unofficially, each counterweight provides emergency garrison space for on-station defense. Additionally, each counterweight is autonomously mobile (by means of a minor helm) and can be positioned in such a way as to apply its gravity plane in a shearing manner to inbound or outbound ships which need be detained, damaged or outright destroyed.


The Asilomar Station counterweights predate the Asilomar Prime Station itself by a period of at least one year and at most four years. Each was built to individual specifications, both for aesthetic and tactical reasons.

Asilomar Counterweight Two was the first to be laid down, originally purposed to be commisioned as WNS Hope's Return, the lead ship of the line for the intended Retort class of fleet carrier.

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