Baonspace is the Halfling term for a crystal sphere in Known Space. It has a single fire body which orbits the planet-sized Baontree, the sole known source for Tinris' Bright Class vessels.

Given the tactical significance of the Baontree, the sphere's location is highly classified and may not be recorded on any navigational map or beacon. Violations of this policy are considered high treason and may be punishable by death.


While much of the history of Baonspace is intentionally omitted from historical documents, what little is known of the sphere is handed down quietly through the hierarchy of the church of the Dalerunner. It is told that during the Dalerunner's mortal sojourns throughout known space that she and the other mortals who would become the Patrons of Tinris were adrift in the phlogiston after an encounter with an enemy ship as the helm of the Final Fond Farewell was being repaired. During this time, the Farewell drifted through an aperture in the crystal sphere holding Baonspace. While here, the Dalerunner performed a miracle which raised some of the Baontree's enormous acorns to sentience.

After completing repairs, the Final Fond Farewell and her crew - along with the newly awakened Bright Star - proceeded to the sphere which would shortly become Tinrisspace. After the beginning of history in Tinrisspace, the Bright Star was sent back into the Flow to maintain a presence for Tinris throughout Known Space.

More recently, however, Baonspace was the site of the first encounter between fleet elements of the Tinris World Navy and Agents of the Void. A single Blightship was discovered in-system upon arrival by the crew of the WNS Bright Star, and in a brief and heated engagement, destroyed. It is believed that this engagement has proven directly causal in further engagements with Agency in Known Space such as the battles of Refugespace, Xephspace and Isaacsphere.

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