The Baontree is a planet-sized (11,913km from rootbase to treetop) tree native to Baonspace and is the source of the Bright class of vessels in use by the Tinris World Navy.


While the true origins of the Baontree are lost to mythology, the current best hypothesis suggest that it is an offshoot from a sample of or acorn from the worldtree Yggdrasil.

The known history of the Baontree truly begins with the pre-Dawntime sojourns of the Dalerunner and her crew aboard the Final Fond Farewell. It is told among the ranking member of the Dalerunner clergy that during the Dalerunner's mortal sojourns throughout known space that she and the other mortals who would become the Patrons of Tinris were adrift in the phlogiston after an encounter with an enemy ship as the helm of the Final Fond Farewell was being repaired. During this time, the Farewell drifted through an aperture in the crystal sphere holding Baonspace. While here, the Dalerunner performed a miracle which raised some of the Baontree's enormous acorns to sentience. After completing repairs, the Final Fond Farewell and her crew - along with the newly awakened Bright Star - proceeded to the sphere which would shortly become Tinrisspace. Shortly after the foundation of the Tinris World Navy in its original incarnation, the Bright Star was sent back into the Flow to maintain a presence for Tinris throughout Known Space.

Little is known of the proceeding millenia, though it is believed that the Bright Star returned periodically. This belief arises from the fact that shortly after the return of the Bright Star's crew to Tinris after a temporal jaunt from the Era of Law to the Era of Promise the ship herself immediately departed for Baonspace. As the Bright Star entered the crystal sphere, a Blightship was found to be in-system in a posture watching the Baontree. The ensuing engagement led to the destruction of the Blightship and the first known contact between the Tinris World Navy and the Persean Church of the Stars when Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon rescued the Purifier Jonathan Thomasson from the captivity of Agents of the Void.

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