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Barllukdenr Holdings Inc. is a clan-held incorporated business entity as defined in the Law of Incorporation, having incorporated in the year 1 of the Era of Hegemony.


Barllukdenr Holdings Inc., colloquially BHI, was the first true Tinrisian corporation to seek legal recognition.

Having ascended from the Barllukdenr Clan of Estrynal Dwarves in the positive political environment which held sway after the Era of Sunrise, BHI proved amply capable of providing the bulk of manpower required for the first Great Public Works. It was their architectural team that drafted the Arcology plans, their knowledge of caravan logistics that made most such projects possible, and their dedication to seeing the job through when most were just happy to be alive in the wake of the Era of Collapse.

Today, BHI holds the predator's share of Tinrisian business on the surface of Tinris itself. Through careful negotiation and - in some cases legislation - BHI has agreed to a non-involved stance in off-world trading and business.

Business ModelEdit

Current revenue projections for the year ending are stable at 2.01Zc for fiscal year 1,523 Promise. Principal goods and services of BHI include, but are not limited to: Barlbooks, Heuristic Information Devices and Arcology maintenance.