The Battle of Isaacsphere, also called the Battle of Isaac's Sphere or the Battle of Ouiyanspace, refers to a fleet engagement on 070/1524/Promise between forces of the Tinris World Navy, specifically all combat vessels of Special Reconnaissance Executive 01, all combat vessels of Champion's Second Battlegroup (ACBG-05), and approximately 400 Blightships under the command of Agents of the Void. It is considered the first battle to utilize a new set of rules of engagement defined by Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon to combat the numerical and technological superiority of the Blightships and other ships in use by Agents of the Void within Known Space. It also represents the first significant victory by World Navy forces using assymetric warfare tactics during the War of the Void.

Series of EventsEdit

The Battle of Isaacsphere traces its onset to the previous First Battle of Xephspace, during which the Tinris World Navy engaged fleet elements of Agents of the Void and captured a heretofore unknown ship type later identified by Admiral of the 3rd Transheart Fleet Isidora Kieran as an Elysium class capital ship of the Persean Concord Navy, the XHS Arcadia. With the boost to morale from this victory, the combined forces of the World Navy collected and analyzed intelligence as it was available and made the determination that their next destination should be Ouiyanspace, a remote crystal sphere on the outskirts of Known Space wherein lie the Dark Heart of Space, a dimensional or planar nexus leading to the home galaxy of the Persean people.

From this decision arose a rallying cry and the gathered World Navy ships 'jammed at best possible speed for their destination while gathering resources to mount an assault on and secure the Dark Heart. A series of magical banners were run up the masts of select vessels of the fleet and morale continued to be high despite a growing sense of dread amongst the sailors, marines and their officers.

Upon nearing Ouiyanspace, the fleet mobilized under their previously issued orders and Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon raised all ships on comms. A rousing speech kindled the spirits of the men and women of the fleet even as the advance vessels started moving through Wildspace towards the enemy. Cloaked in several layers of illusory magic and equipped with the latest in boarding measures, WNS Resolution, WNS Conciliation, WNS Beacon of Realization, WNS Beacon of Effectuation, WNS Beacon of Enterprise and WNS Beacon of Fulfillment had been dispatched to board and sweep the enemy ships.

As WNS Arcadia's Revenge closed to ready communications distance, the fleet disposition of the enemy became more readily recognizable. With 400 Blightships arrayed in formation for an unknown reason, and that formation confirmed by visual, Admiral of the Fleet requested a volunteer for a suicide mission against the Blightships. Cmdr Isaac Childson, a Purifier of the Persean Concord Navy with fully recognized rank within the Tinris World Navy, immediately volunteered. While the nature of the mission remains classified, it is believed that the subsequent explosion which destroyed all but 20 of the Blightships was directly caused by his actions.

During the ensuing battle, very few elements of the World Navy fleet were actively engaged. The primary and secondary weapons systems of the Arcadia's Revenge saw effective use and by the time the Blightships changed targets to the now visible boarding ships the battle was effectively over. One vessel, WNS Conciliation, was lost during the engagement as an out of control Blightship rammed her amidships, causing both ships to break up nearly instantaneously.

With three Blightships captured, one with a surviving Agent of the Void trapped in a cargo hold by boarding Marines, an end to major combat action was declared. Elements of the fleet remained on a ready posture and the Arcadia's Revenge began a full tour of the system now, and per direct order of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon hereafter referred to as Isaacsphere in honor of the fallen Purifier without whom victory would have been significantly more costly.

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