The Battle of Nexspace was a frontal assault by the Naval Joint Command ship WNS Arcadia's Revenge led by Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon against some two thousand Agency vessels on 146/1/Concord (235/14,258 On.D.) Most historians agree that this battle marked the end of major combat operations in the Voidwar.

Preceding EventsEdit

After long travel within Concord Space, a breach was discovered between Concord Space and Known Space which allowed travel from one to the other. Recognizing this opportunity, Admiral Mozdanhorzon ordered all resources and munitions brought to bear against the gathered enemy fleet in what became the most infamous surprise attack against Agency forces in the course of the war.

Events of the BattleEdit

Upon locating the breach, held open by a living alien ship identifying itself as Dreilorm, a quickly drafted approach strategy was enacted.

Persean science officer Dr. Bahari - along with three Persean arcanists and a data cache with the full technical details of their mission to date - was sent through the rift into Nexspace in a shuttle equipped with optical camouflage and sensor baffling technology. This shuttle successfully evaded detection by the enemy and arrived without undue harm in Tinrisspace one year later under escort from elements of the Mastermind's Second Battlegroup.

WNS Bright Star, with Admiral Mozdanhorzon and Colonel Sheba Kuklophemus aboard, led the actual combatants through as a lure for enemy command staff. Many details of the reasoning for this maneuver and its consequences remain highly classified. It is known that WNS Bright Star was destroyed by a weapon of mass destruction and that she was lost with all hands on board.

WNS Arcadia's Revenge, under the direct command of Serena Kaisa and Admiral Isidora Kieran made best possible speed towards the primary enemy shipyard in-sphere, discharging all available combat personnel by means of teleportation magic. Having made visual confirmation of an enemy shipyard, the Arcadia's Revenge made way at full thrust to ram the shipyard. Despite a confrontation with and ramming by an enemy capital ship, the Revenge did ram the shipyard. It is known that the ship then suffered an internal nuclear explosion, though whether or not this was intentional remains unknown.

As part of standard operating procedure, Arcadia's Revenge communications officer and Advanced Weapons Engine pilot Nerawal was dispatched for boarding actions in its A.W.E. During this boarding action, Nerawal was able to successfully complete a patrol and neutralize all hostiles. After recognizing that the ship was completely taken, it made its way to the bridge and began rescue activities for other ships in a similar situation. By allowing its captured ship to appear to drift, it was able to effect escape from Nexspace and later rendezvous with fleet elements from Champion's Second Battlegroup.

Commander Gnimish Uvalnoniz also participated at the highest level, volunteering for board and sabotage duty. After deploying classified materiel aboard four blightships and sabotaging a fifth, she effected boarding of a capital ship. After further sabotage actions, she was able to gain access to and secure the main helm. After an effort to remove the ship from combat activities, she engaged in further sabotage and then departed the field of combat for eleemosynary reasons in the company of her newly sworn champion, Berenmadge Ellykin.

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