The Battle of Refuge refers to a fleet engagement resulting from sabotage actions within Refugespace on 617/1,523/Promise.


The battle is assumed to have begun when a significant portion of the command staff of WNS Ambassador's Second (AC-02) was compromised by Agents of the Void, resulting in the ship firing her main port guns on the Welcome Station asteroid for reasons currently unknown. In subsequent action by the crew WNS Bright Star it is believed that the command staff was neutralized and the Ambassador's Second heavily damaged.

The battle's climax was the rapid response of the remaining fleet elements of the Tinris World Navy responding to the orders of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon when all force was brought to bear to destroy the Ambassador's Second. In a single concentrated volley, Ambassador's Second was split in two amidships according to witnesses and a second volley caused her to break up completely. This, combined with the impact of portions of Welcome Station effectively ended major combat actions.

Some witnesses report two survivors, though official reporting of the post combat action can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.


The Battle of Refuge is believed to be the turning point of anti-Mercane sentiment among the Admiralty, resulting in all fleet elements and vessels of the Tinris World Navy departing Refugespace on 627/1,523/Promise.

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