The Battle of Xephspace was a conflict occuring within Xephspace on 628/1,523/Promise between ships of the Tinris World Navy and two Agent of the Void vessels. Most historians consider this battle to be the second engagement of forces in the War of the Void.


Five vessels of the Tinris World Navy were lost with all hands aboard, the WNS Celestial Paramountcy, the WNS Celestial Providence, the WNS Celestial Ascendant, the WNS Impersonator's Magnanimity and the WNS Joshua Haverson. Two Blightships were engaged but only one was destroyed.


The Battle of Xephspace made quite clear that engagement protocol with the enemy needed revision. Four of the vessels were lost in a single barrage due to their proximity to one another while attempting to engage. Subsequent engagements were fought according to doctrines of asymmetric deployment and area offense, in which vessels deployed many kilometers apart on differing vectors.

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