A Blightship is the term applied to certain configurations of vessels of Agents of the Void.


The origin of the term Blightship is uncertain, though it is considered a functional description of the vessel in question and its intended purpose. Such a vessel is both a literal and proverbial blight upon any system or crystal sphere into which it intrudes.

Known ConfigurationsEdit

The most common Blightship encountered, both within the Perseus Cluster and Known Space, is what has been deemed the "Sharkjaw" configuration though it is officially designated by the Persean Concord as "Blightship Strike Vessel Standard Configuration" or Blightstriker for short.

Less common, though perhaps more devestating, is the Blightship officially designated "Blightship Capital Cruiser" or Blightcruiser for short. This vessel is colloquially known as the "Hunterkiller" due to its confirmed lethality and alacrity in maneuvers.

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