Multiservice tactical brevity codes are codes used by various military forces. The codes are designed to convey complex information with a few words. The following is an incomplete list of brevity code words in common, official use throughout Concord Space by the Persean Concord Navy, affiliated services and many civil defense groups when interacting with military entities.



Directive/informative call to cease/inform of cessation of action/attack/event/mission.

Action stations

Directive to crew aboard a craft to assume combat readiness. This directive is always repeated twice and followed by a readiness state notification. (i.e. "Action stations, Action stations, set condition 1 throughout the ship")


  1. Directive to request a response for a coded challenge;
  2. Response to such a request.


Bail (Destination) Directive to immediately disengage from combat/location and make best possible speed for the provided destination.


Directive to return to unencrypted transmission frequencies after a period of encrypted transmission.

Bax (Duration)

Directive to close all transmission channels - receiving and broadcasting - for the duration provided in the directive.

Blind Directive to switch to signal light or tight beam laser communication.

Break (Direction)

Directive to perform an immediate maximum performance turn in the direction indicated, direction is always given in relation to the path of current travel.

Burn (Duration) Directive to engage active thrusters for the stated interval.


Carry on

  1. Directive to continue present maneuver/status/speed;
  2. Directive to resume previous maneuver/status/speed after interruption or change in orders.

Cease fire Directive advising not to open fire and/or to immediately discontinue firing.

Confirm (Variable) Directive to reply with requested information after manual verification of same.

Continue Directive to continue present maneuver; does not imply clearance to engage or expend ordnance.

Control fire Directive to verify target upon which weapons are presently locked/firing.

Correct (Variable) Directive to return the specified variable to its originally intended setting. (e.g. Correct course, Correct speed, etc.)


Declare Inquiry as to the identification of a specified track(s), target(s), or correlated group.

Deploy Directive to maneuver to briefed positioning.

Divert Directive to proceed to alternate mission or base.

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