Bright Hope mission patch

WNS Bright Hope (MD-07) is a Bright class vessel of the Tinris World Navy. As of 1,523 Promise her CO is Commodore Mathilda Efthalia.

Ship Class VariationsEdit

Bright Hope, while technically classed as a Bright class vessel, does not conform to the same ship profile as the lead ship of her class WNS Bright Star (MD-01). It is believed that she, like the Bright Star, is a unique living being. Research into this matter is ongoing.


The mission of WNS Bright Hope from time of inception has been, and remains, the rapid evacuation of a maximum number of persons - both civilian and military - in the event of another Collapse-level or greater event. While the ship's growth has plateaued as of 1,510 Promise, she remains easily capable of evacuating approximately 2,000,000 persons. Ready response drills suggest that emergency boarding and out-system travel can be achieved in the space of two hours best case scenario and ten hours worst case scenario. In the event of activation, battlegroup precedence recognizes WNS Bright Hope as belonging to Special Battlegroup Bright Hope (ACBG-00) and her hull markings have been made to conform to this unique classification.

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