Caiototoit, commonly referred to as Flopsies are symmetrical bipedal leporidae native to the Algesh-class world, Rifomah (Les Nala System/Leher Subsector/Taylor Sector/Caldwell Galaxy/Perseus Cluster). They completed Human Uplift Protocols officially on 1/13,255 and entered Sponsored Concord Citizenship at that time. Per Concord policy, Lifespan Concord Citizenship has been granted to all members of this race as of 365/14,050 at the completion of 100 generations under Sponsorship.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game StatisticsEdit

Caiototoit (pronounced Kai OH toe toe eet) are green anthropomorphic rabbits native to the Algesh-class World Rifomah. They are a cheerful and exuberant lot by nature, eternal optimists. Gregarious in the extreme, it is said that a Flopsie who learns the concept of personal boundaries is an Agent. Though still possessed of a strong racial drive for procreation, the uplift process has left most members of this race with enough self-restraint that the Cluster hasn’t been overrun... yet. While the race runs the gamut of professions, most tend to favor vocations that play to their strengths. Fast reflexes and wits, a drive to survive and thrive and a hunger for excitement. Caiototoit always want to know what’s just over the next hill or through the next brush, whether that brush be a line of arrayed enemy fighter craft or a dubsinging contest against their warrenmates. Native to Rifomah, Caiototoit tend to be nocturnal given the world’s marked lack of nocturnal predators.

Physical Description: Caiototoit top out around 135cm, though the tips of their ears usually raises this to between 140 and 145cm. They prefer to dress in tight-fitting clothing, though footwear is either extremely loose fitting or they will go barefoot. Their fur coloration ranges from dark green that is nearly black through light green that blends well with the grasses local to their homeworld. A Flopsies ears, contrary to the nickname, are more frequently held upright than allowed to flop. When moving about during the day, especially on any world with bright sunlight or aboard vessels with above average lighting qualities, Caiototoit tend to wear dark tinted sunglasses. Given their facial structure, an entire microindustry has sprung up to support this particular phenomenon.

Society: Caiototoit society is a hodgepodge of massive families called warrens that nonetheless follow moderately strict social mores. As reproductive contact with a member of one’s own lineage could result in an unstable inbreeding problem, much of the race’s internal societal structure comes from being able to trace one’s lineage accurately. Flopsies learn to repeat, in a mantra-like fashion, their entire family tree back ten generations before they enter primary education. Since the diaspora of their race, less emphasis is placed on this particular aspect of Caiototoit society, but members of the race meeting for the first time usually begin comparison of lineage within the first few minutes of meeting. It is for this reason that the Shepherd chip has become increasingly more common among Caiototoit since its introduction to Persean society at large. Beyond these pecadilloes, flopsie society is a vast and sprawling medley of cultural mythos, ancestor worship, one-upsmanship among peers and good natured flirtation.

Relations: Caiototoit blend well with the grand sweep of Persean culture. As a Boost race just coming out of Sponsorship, many struggle to receive the recognition they are due. Nonetheless, most are quite content to just go their own way or settle down with a warren of their own and raise a family. As a rule, Caiototoit get along with the Yazri well enough though they consider them a bit too formal. Humanity, as their uplift instigators and Citizenship Sponsors, are treated with exceptional warmth and held in high regard. Given Humanity’s generally liberal uplift protocols, racial relations are friendly in both directions. As a Boost race, Caiototoit get along rather well with all other Boosts - save those of a more predatory origin, though many do not allow a sentient’s race or dietary preference stand in the way of a potential friendship.

Allegiances: Caiototoit tend to hold family above most other allegiances. The warren comes first, endures and prevails until the return to the ground. Once past this general racial allegiance, though there are no small number who even forsake this in order to serve in the Church of the Stars, allegiances vary greatly.

Heroic Caiototoit: Heroes may come from any part of the race and may seek out any vocation engaged by the other races of the Cluster. Most tend to settle into frontier exploration, military service or other highly energetic careers. Though their lifespans limit their ability to serve in the higher echelons of the Persean Concord Navy reserved for longer lived races, they do serve with distinction wherever they find themselves.

Caiototoit Racial Traits: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength: Caiototoit are fast of body and mind, but lack the physical strength of more physical races.

Medium: Caiototoit are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Darkvision: Caiototoit can see in the dark up to 120 feet.

Fearless: Caiototoit receive a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear.

Prey Mentality: Caiototoit receive a +1 racial bonus to Reflex saving throws to avoid damage.

Keen Senses: Caiototoit receive a +2 racial bonus to Perception skill checks.

Grass Runner: Caiototoit receive a +4 racial bonus to Stealth skill checks when moving through or hiding within tall grass similar to that found on their homeworld of Rifomah.

Weaknesses: Light sensitivity

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