Calibration is a global holiday on Tinris, celebrated on the first calendar day of each year.


As a result of the Full Calendar Recognition and Certification Act of 3 Sunrise, a return to the pre-Collapse calendar was effectively rendered both law and Law. To reflect this syncronization, the first day of each calendar year became a calibration point amongst the many races of Tinris.


Celebrations of Calibration became common immediately after its passage into legislation. Officially, all sovereign nations may choose to honor the holiday by closing all businesses.

As a point of renewal, other methods of marking the date have become commonplace:

  • Diplomatic treaties are frequently renewed.
  • Students and apprentices completing their training in the previous year either advance to the next tier of training, graduate or become officially recognized journeyfolk.
  • Governmental budgetary documents expire or are renewed.
  • Governments with a term limitation (such as the Demarchy) begin or complete transitions of power on this day.
  • The clergy of the Dalerunner recognize this as one of their High Holy Days and many churches sponsor a re-enactment of the Sunrise Miracle.
  • The clergy of Makati Wahari recognize this as one of their High Holy Days and observe a day of ritual fasting and meditation on the passage of time.

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