A battlegroup of the Tinris World Navy was, in the modern Era, a slight misnomer. The term dates from the Third Inhuman War, when each section of the World Navy was at a full state of active hostility and replaced the previous term 'fleet'. The term remains in active use both as an honorific to those who lost their lives in the Third Inhuman War and a reminder that Tinris was not always at peace with the rest of Known Space.

As of 1,523 Promise, there exist eight active battlegroups. Each battlegroup is named for their intended function within the Tinris World Navy at large, with the flagship of each bearing the word "Second" in their name.

Additionally, the liveship WNS Bright Hope stands out as the only ship and the flagship for Special Battlegroup Bright Hope (ACBG-00). This is the only exception to the aforementioned naming convention.

With the hostile activities of the Agents of the Void, a full reactivation of the Tinris World Navy has led to the truth of the moniker 'battlegroup'.

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