The Tinris class of capital ship is currently the only class of capital ship currently in service within the Tinris World Navy. Each one is the lead ship of a battlegroup, under the direct command of a member of the Admiralty. As such, each is purpose named with the suffix "Second" to represent that her CO is the "First" of that particular moniker.


As capital ships, the Tinris class vessels represent the last word in Command and Control vessels as well as acting as carriers of the fleet and providing fire support to their fleets.

Each is built to house, maintain and launch 40 crafts no smaller than light scouts and no heavier than light search and rescue craft, mostly in some combination thereof depending on the mission of the Tinris class vessel.

Each Tinris class vessel also provides flagship duties, acting as Command and Control for all ships launched from their bays. They provide a rallying point and are the final line of defense in full fleet engagements, the core of a battlegroup. In the rare instance where multiple Tinris class vessels are within the same operations theater, battlegroup precedence determines the chain of command.

Tinris class vessels provide point defense primarily for themselves during fleet engagements, though each is also fitted with port and aft mounted long range guns capable of engagement with other capital ships, or in cases of extreme adversity orbital bombardment.

Finally, a Tinris class vessel represents the Tinris World Navy in an intimidation capacity. By sheer mass, Tinris class vessels are quite capable of pacifying a mild uprising by 'jamming in system and providing a visible reminder of the power of the World Navy.

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