The Church of the Stars is a paramilitary monastic order based out of the Caldwell galaxy of the Perseus Cluster .


The Church of the Stars traces its origin to an apocryphal message decoded from a repeating gravitational pulse originating in the Sol system, Milky Way galaxy, over 237 million light years distant. By doctrine, the message was "The song of the stars must be carried by its church. The note must never end." As the Caldwell galaxy has long been known as the source of the deepest perceptible note, a radio frequency transmission originating from the expansion of relativistic stellar mass as it is pulled into the supermassive 11 Octi black hole at the galactic core of the Caldwell galaxy.

This message sparked the formation of a mystery cult. Doctrine holds that through ascetic meditation the first Purifier was indoctrinated when she encountered an Agent of the Void during the 2nd Jandrian Galaxy Survey while attached to the 14th Expeditionary Force as chaplain.

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