The Dark Heart of Space or more commonly the Dark Heart refers to a spatial distortion that causes what researchers either refer to as a coterminous planar nexus (Tinris World Navy terminology) or a cosmic string distortion event (Persean Concord Navy terminology)

Location - Perseus ClusterEdit

The Dark Heart of Space's location is charted as: Anthaonete System/Bruso Subsector/Iteta Sector/Jandrian Galaxy/Perseus Cluster. The Jandrian Galaxy has been listed as an Ullhe class hazard zone since 13,002 On.D. due to the potential for inflitration by Agents of the Void, spread of Agency and other cross-planar hazards.

Location - Known SpaceEdit

The Dark Heart of Space's location is charted as: Isaacsphere, the crystal sphere previously known as Ouiyanspace.

1st Persean SurveyEdit

The origin of the Dark Heart is a matter of no small controversy among Persean scholars of all races. Since its documentation during the final push of the 13,000 On.D. galactic survey, all survey ships responsible for collecting data on the Anthaonete System were compromised and lost to Agents of the Void.

2nd Persean SurveyEdit

As information from the 1st Persean Survey was quickly dismissed as potentially unreliable, further attempts at survey were undertaken with fleet elements from the Persean Concord Navy's 14th Expeditionary Force. The first such resurvey (historically considered the 2nd Persean Survey of the Jandrian Galaxy) resulted in the fighting retreat of the 14th Expeditionary Force under heavy fire, though no ships were lost.

It was during this attempt that a member of what would soon become the Church of the Stars first realized and executed the Purifier's ability to sense an Agent of the Void and thus detect the spread of Agency.

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