Dwarves on Tinris are considered a foundation race.

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The Children of Hafesh are the children of the Dwarf-father. While less prodigious in number than the other Sponsored races, they are arguably perfectly suited for the temperamental climate of their home on Estryn. Adaptable in the extreme and tolerant of changes to their environment.

Dwarves are more democratic than any other race on Tinris. Each citizen has a voice, and each voice is heard and duly recorded. This has led to a distinctly egalitarian viewpoint, with any Dwarf with a years growth of beard considered a voting citizen. Every five years, a great meeting is called. This Langano, literally translating from the Dwarven word for ‘meeting’, calls the Heads of each clan, along with their seconds, to the Oasis on the Great Plain. Most criminal cases are heard at the Langano, where possible. Crimes that require immediate judgement are normally handled with the clan’s elected leader acting as judge, with a jury of one’s peers numbering seven acting to serve as a check and balance.

Dwarven clans tend to be small (10 to 20 families of four to twelve members) and partially nomadic. During the growing months, the majority of males who have come of age (with some women who have chosen to forego a homebound life traveling, fighting and providing for their family alongside) travel the plains and tend to the herds while the rest of the clan remains at a semi-permanent homestead. As summer draws towards a close, but prior to the storm season, the roaming Dwarves return with their beasts. During migrations, the clans mingle and splinter to allow proper genetic propagation.

Dwarves mate for life, differentiating significantly from the Halfling culture. Dwarven females remain highly active during pregnancy, and often can be found working the fields up to within a week of delivering their young. Children are born most often as twins, though single births are not at all uncommon. Identical twins are common, and it is said that each such pair are linked in some (possibly divinely touched) fashion. Most mothers of twins consider themselves blessed of Hafesh, and twins are often groomed for very specific positions within Dwarven culture.

Dwarves tend towards the same skin, eye and hair coloration as Halflings, with the most common being a very dark chocolate color. Unlike the Halflings, Dwarves sweat to cool themselves and thus are more often found aboveground than the Ilfandrazenaren. Hair color tends towards blonde, with black hair being considered ominous. Beards are worn extravagantly among menfolk, and conservatively among women. Both sexes tend to decorate their beards with feathers, wild flowers and other such accoutrement during adolescence, although most outgrow this custom when they settle down into a family. Cultural anthropologists have come to see this as a mating ritual, designed to demonstrate one’s prosperity to a potential mate.

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