Eleduna Darkbringer, also known as: Draraduin Soulsearcher, Shadowmother, and Lurker is the Planar Deity of Darkness.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

On a world as ever-bright as Tinris, one might imagine that a Goddess of Night and Darkness would find no place. This is, however, a fallacy. Without darkness, say the faithful, light is meaningless – it is within contrast that one finds definition. Furthermore, with Adris’ scorching rays shining down it is very common for most people of Oryton to reside underground – thus providing an opening for Her dominion.

Ever watching from Her demsne on the Plane of Shadow, Shadowmother speaks to the minds and souls of those who would walk outside the light. She is also the deity of the whispered word, the subtle tongue and subterfuge. Her cult is spread throughout the races, working beneath the veneer of the upright businessperson, the skilled diplomat, the gruff earth delver. Those who value knowledge but are not concerned with the price often find their way to Her. While She works at cross-purposes with the Patrons in many ways, it is accepted that one deity would not function so well without the other acting in balance. Eleduna is a Chaotic Neutral Major Deity. Eleduna’s portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Rogues, miners, diplomats and philosophers. Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Knowledge, Charm. Her holy symbol is a hand with forefinger extended in a silencing gesture. Her favored weapon is the whip.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Eleduna usually reflect a certain command of the speaker’s language, and while not as poetic as the sayings of the Barnatim faithful there is a certain artistry involved: “Let the darkness of the Mother wash over me and grant me patience.” “Through darkness, may you know light.” “Let the shadows devour you!”

Any place of shadow can be holy to the faithful of the Lurker, though formal gathering places are also sacred. As such, most temples to Eleduna are deep underground, with those hidden among the Dark Isles being in the shade of the great trees common there.

The avatar of Eleduna Darkbringer is, as many consider fitting for a deity of Chaos, never the same to any two people. Commonalities to Her appearance among mortals are few, though many agree that She is never seen without a flowing cloak or cape of purest black. When She does appear to mortalkind, it is often done in a very subtle way. One moment She is absent, the next simply there. Draraduin Soulsearcher speaks with a pervasive whisper, Her voice never lifting above a sussurus even in the pitch of heated anger or passion.

Eleduna’s Herald Messenger is a Bariaur sorceress named Omahga, Doe of Vara, of the Dusktreaders.

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