Elves of Tinris are considered a foundation race.

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The forsaken Elves are the only race without a divine Sponsor. Lore has it that once, a Great Patron smiled down upon them, blessing them with Halfling lifespan, Orcish fecundity and Dwarven hardiness making them truly the only peers of the Halflings of Tinris. All that was swept away at some unknown and unknowable point in history and the diaspora of the Elves now primarily live out their short lives within the archipeligo of islands known as the Dark Isles off the coast of dimly lit Pasyd. The Elves are a flighty lot, living in fear of predation, weather and fate.

Their skin and eyes pale by natural selection and their hair dark for the same reason, they tend towards anarchy rather than any central government. It is only of the last century that they were able to break free of the bonds of their home islands and travel by boat to the mainland of Pasyd. Though welcome there, their culture tends to chafe at their Orcish hosts and they remain somewhat shunned despite mandated acceptance of outsiders.

Culture among the Elves is very simple, and while primarily matriarchal in nature there is a definite undercurrent of meritocracy as well. Those who can, do – or so it is said.

Neuhaaghit, quiet by nature, are believed by other races to have developed a racial response to their fate. Some, if not all, have been able to manifest powers of the heart, mind and body which neither divine nor arcane magic are able to duplicate. They have harnessed the power of their fear, their love and their anger at cruel fate to great effect in very few generations.

Most Elven settlements are actually well above the ground, in the dense shady foliage of the trees. These trees compliment nature’s laws, thriving beyond any expectation of growth and reaching many hundreds of feet into the twilight sky. Each tree, it is said among the Elves, has a spirit and a name. Druids – common throughout the people of Tinris -are more than equally represented among the Neuhaaghit and the worship of nature itself is, to the Elves, just a powerful a faith as any of the Sponsored folk.

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