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Estryn, meaning “Land of the Day Sun” is a climatically variable island continent occupying the area around the world’s northern magnetic pole. For twelve months of the fifteen in a Tinrisian year, Estryn receives almost exclusive benefit of the red sun’s light. The weather of Estryn is incredibly unpredictable, ranging from continent sweeping monsoon hurricanes (Tesulbakea in Halfling, translating literally to Tesulild’s wrath) during the winters(think ruin storm) to non-stop blistering months during the height of summer (Adribakea) Settlements on Estryn tend to cluster around the fairly common oasis (Hafeshamanzi in Dwarven, literally translating from “Hafesh’s water” or “Water from God”) The largest of these is a city around Lake Umfula, which is also the name of the settlement. Green plants are plentiful on Estryn, and harvests are bountiful. Most plants have grown with massive leaves to make the most of the nigh-omnipresent sunlight, and while there are a number of toxic plant species, these are well outnumbered by species that are edible by the fauna and humanoids of the region. Wildlife consists primarily of wild herd animals and domestic meat or milk bearing animals.

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