The Final Fond Farewell

The spelljamming ship Final Fond Farewell is the ship crewed by the adventuring group which would go on to become the Tinrisian Patrons.


Much of what is known of the ship of the Final Fond Farewell might be considered apocryphal, though a few things can be definitively stated.

This was the spelljamming vessel of the mortals Ilfandra Dalerunner, Barnatim Lawseeker, Hafesh Greenbeard and Tovar Moondragon before their arrival in what would become Tinrisspace - and their subsequent apotheosis.

The remaining crew have been lost to history, though current theory holds that they either left Tinrisspace or went on to found the spaceport of Fawdant.

The ship itself, as it still exists, was built from standard Arcane deckplans and at an Arcane facility. The ship has since been renovated and now serves as a museum ship on permanent display at Fawdant Up Station.