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The First Contact Club, abbreviated FCC, is the Galactic Standard name for a public entertainment venue in the central promenade of Z'haer, the planetary capital of the primary world Enoth, a Marai-class world in the Enoth System of the Sav'bar Subsector of the Ord Ronles Sector in the Antlor Galaxy of the Perseus Cluster. It maintains a policy of total species inclusiveness, though under Persean Concord Navy law, no artificial intelligences or self-aware machines are allowed admission. The Club has been rated most popular among Antlor galactic publications, Interlace feeds and critics since 12,503 On.D. and is one of the most popular public establishments within the Perseus Cluster entirely. The current proprietor is a Yazri matron, Teivsarf Tuintasr.


Opening shortly after the Yazri Empire's dissolution in 12,132 On.D., the FCC traces its origins back to the foundation of the Persean Concord and counts among its first patrons Concord Representative John Partee.


As one of the first establishments to foster a policy of total species inclusiveness, the FCC holds a reputation for being at the cutting edge of entertainment, food service and legal intoxicants for a variety of species. Sentients are encouraged to learn their own physiological restrictions for food and drink before ordering so as to ensure their personal safety and prevent potentially lethal allergic response.

Being completely racially inclusive has led management to relax the establishment's anti-violence policies several times over the centuries it has been in operation. As of 14,100, the policy has been relaxed in such a way as to allow non-lethal violence in designated areas of the Club, so long as such violence remains strictly non-lethal. Those participating in violence are encouraged to learn the physical capacities limitations of themselves and any potential adversaries prior to becoming so engaged. Low profile, strength-enhancing powered armor is strongly discouraged within the Club.

Dralasite dubsinging is one of the FCC's most anticipated and arguably contentious events, having led to the establishment limiting its open-door policy and anti-violency policies on night-cycles when this event is scheduled due to a history of riots. All patrons wishing admission during these events must sign a waiver of non-violence before being allowed to enter. In addition, the Club's policy regarding egalitarian services strictly limits dubsinging during non-Dralasite dubsinging events to exclude Dralasites to curb outbreaks of future riots. Those participating in dubsinging related violence will be ejected from the Club and will not be permitted to return for a period of no less than one Standard Year. Repeated instances of such violation will result in legal injunction, possible corporal punishment, and a permanent ban of the offender from returning. Those found returning under altered or false identity after such a ban will be summarily sentenced to hard labor at a camp of the management's choosing.

Posted GreetingEdit

Below is the full posted greeting, in place since 13,900 On.D.

"Welcome to the First Contact Club, a friendly entertainment venue for sentients of all races, backgrounds, social and progress levels. Please be advised that, as a multi-racial establishment, many items served within may adversely react with your biology. Management is not responsible for your health and we maintain only the legally required minimum of medical service personnel on staff.

Violence is permitted in clearly demarcated areas of the venue. Violence must remain non-lethal for all involved parties. You enter these areas at your own risk and by your own consent. Low-profile, strength-boosting powered armor is discouraged on the premises. Those found in violation of the non-lethal statement above will be detained and transferred to the appropriate authorities. This Club is neither sovereign nor secessionist.

Dralasite dubsinging is held thrice per Standard Year and notices will be posted visibly throughout the interior and exterior of the venue. Dralasites participating in non-Dralasite dubsinging events will be asked to leave. Please be advised that non-Dralasite entering the establishment during these events will be required to sign a waiver of non-violence. Those found in violation of such a waiver will be escorted off the premises and invited not to return for one Standard Year. Those found in violation a second time may be summarily dispatched to hard labor camp either in-system or out-system. Those who violate a third time may be summarily executed, under Civil Code 14119 of Concord Law.

Welcome to the First Contact Club. If this is your first time, your first serving of refreshment is complimentary."

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