From Here, We Fly is the unofficial motto of the Tinris World Navy Officer Training College, and is commonly used (both sarcastically and seriously) as a rallying cry among officers and enlisted alike. It is etched into the keystone of every building of the OTC, and is found as the closing line of the TWNOTC mission statement on a monument in Admiralty Square.


The phrase draws its official origin from the mission statement of the TWNOTC, as the closing line set forth by Second Admiral Kafa Goh. It is thought to be one of her personal exhortations to younger officers and enlisted men and women, and was painted on the forward hull of her personal spelljamming ship, WNS Sun's Blessing shortly before the official return of Tinris to Wildspace.

In the subsequent years, the phrase has gone on to carry a great variety of meanings and tones. Spoken in its originally intended tone, it remains a source of encouragement to members of the World Navy. It has also been bandied as a battlecry, most recently during the War of the Void. With tongue in cheek, it is often used during orbital drop missions in the format "From here you fall!"

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