Galactic Standard, abbreviated Standard, Galstan or Galstandard, is the official language in use throughout the Perseus Cluster. At its most basic, it combines roughly equal amounts of the Yazri language and of Firothian - a language primarily spoken by Humans of the Firoth Galaxy since pre-contact times. With the passage of time and the admixture of additional first contact and uplift experience, moderate to severe linguistic drift has occurred on a Cluster-wide level.


Galstandard as a language became increasingly necessary within one century of Human-Yazri first contact circa 12,500 P.D. At first oriented on basic interactions and slowly gaining mutual ground as economic trade and cultural exchange gained momentum, Galstandard became the official language of the Yazri Empire at its foundation. As the primary language during this historic shift in galactic and Cluster-wide politics, the place of Galactic Standard has been assured and unrivaled ever since.

Loan WordsEdit

With the ebb and flow of Imperial conquest, many species were contacted. During each first contact event, more and more loan words entered the lexicon of Galactic Standard. At present, it is estimated that the linguistic composition of the Cluster's most common 'unabridged' dictionary - the Interlace Authoritative Guide to Galactic Standard - has a composition of between 46% and 53% loan words. (i.e. words that are not part of either Yazri or Firothian).

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