The Gnomeworks Sophont Project (GWSP) is a declassified Special Project of the Menelstune Organized Covert Operations Organization, colloquially the Gnomeworks that was intended to, and successfully achieved the production of artificial sentient and sapient life. It is the first such project on Tinris to be declassified.


The Gnomeworks Sophont Project was officially formed as a classified Special Project under the auspices of the Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps "in an effort to create a more durable, efficient, reliable and dynamic soldier for service in Wildspace". As this mission drew to a close with the successful completion of the first production Nontraditional Intelligence Unit, the GWSP was retasked by order of GoG Co. to produce "an aesthetic, nature-formed sentient being with the capacity to adapt to adverse conditions on the surface of Tinris and under the direct report of GoG Co. aboard Tinris World Navy vessels." As of 925 Promise, the GWSP has declared its mission complete and has been officially dismantled.


The Gnomeworks Sophont Project has been revealed as the first fully sanctioned Special Project to be submitted to the Gnomeworks, first proposed in 514 Promise.

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