Originally a rogue modron, Go's full name is G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11. Go is a Gnomish psion and an Admiral of the Tinris World Navy.

Early TravelsEdit

Prior to joining the crew of the Bright Star, Commander G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11 joined with a coterie of adventurers on the world Elfspire during one of their planar jaunts. Further investigation has led mostly to dead ends, though multiple mentions of one Olias B. Aetherflame and other members of a group called the Gatecrashers have surfaced during conversations with fellow part-time Executive Officer, Ismek Vanegas.

While the early travels and travails of the Bright Star crew are a matter of apocrypha, it is known that Go's current form derives from an incident in the Ordocar Valley during the Era of Law. It is believed that after having been killed by circumstances beyond the control of both herself and Mozdanhorzon, she was reincarnated to her current form by a member of the Gathering of the Green.

Career with the Tinris World NavyEdit

Go's official career within the Tinris World Navy began as a field commision by Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon during the early years of their travel together. This style of field commision was seemingly common under the administration of Mozdanhorzon, a trend which has resumed in the modern Navy only in recent years.

Records of Go's initial rank vary, though most commonly accepted is that she was commisioned as Lieutenant Commander, sharing that rank with Gnimish Uvalnoniz (her future partner). In her capacity as Lt. Cmdr of the Bright Star, Go served with distinction as Acting Captain for the spelljammer WNS G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11, a ship named in her honor, during the vessel's shakedown cruise.