Horolenyil, commonly referred to as Hexcows are symmetrical hexapedal tauroid Bovidae native to Kur Gessin (Talent System/Smith Subsector/Taylor Sector/Caldwell Galaxy/Perseus Cluster). They are the first documented successful Boost species to undergo Human uplift protocols.


Horolenyil predominantly resemble the bovine species of fauna native to Kur Gessin, though their upper body (beginning at the v-spine) resembles a hybridization of bovine and Human traits. From this point down (at the spinal transition, where the h-spine and v-spine join), they resemble wholly their progenitor species. The description of each portion of the whole follows.

  • The bovine portion of Horolenyil physiognomy is covered in a medium to long coat of fur. Typically, this coat's coloration denotes the individual's tribe of origin and ranges from dark black to white. Patterns range from patches and rosettes to the significantly more common single colored coats.

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