A Human origin story is any of the multitude of attempts to explain the presence of Humans and their culture within the Perseus Cluster.

Basic RationaleEdit

In the nearly 30,000 years of Human history within the Perseus Cluster, no verifiable factual record exists of how Humanity came to the region of space that was just undergoing the first pangs of a growing feudalistic government spanning nearly 100 of the 190 galaxies present within the Perseus Cluster. Human origin stories fulfill the cultural need to explain the inexplicable.

Current Leading TheoriesEdit

At any moment, a large number of theories can be found in circulation around the civilian sections of the Interlace. Among the leading contenders, ranked by unique access records, are the following:

  • Humanity fled from an extinction level event in another galaxy. Most commonly, the Sol system within the Milky Way. Referred to as the Sol System Exodus theory.
  • Humanity evolved as a unique species on one of the fringe worlds of the Perseus Cluster and were beneath the notice of the Yazri and other galactic civilizations until they achieved sufficient technological and cultural progress to travel beyond their own solar system. Referred to as the Humanity in the Midst theory.
  • Humanity was force-evolved by a vanished or otherwise absent uplift or sponsor race. Referred to as the Evolutionary Bootstrap theory.

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