The term Human Uplift Protocols, also Traditional Human Uplift Protocols or TradHumUplift refers to the standards and practices applied by Humans within the Perseus Cluster prior to the foundation of the Persean Concord when undertaking a series of uplift procedures. They differ significantly in a number of ways from Yazri Imperial Uplift Protocols and the subsequent Persean Concord Uplift Protocols of the modern era.


The Human Uplift Protocols were a series of processes derived the Yazri Imperial Uplift Protocols, though altered significantly to adhere to Human cultural mores, the current progress level of Humanity in Perseus Cluster and many other factors. The primary differences between the Yazri Imperial and Traditional Human Protocols are summarized as follows:

  1. Human uplift was more results driven than the Yazri methodology (e.g. Certain redundant safety measures were discarded as being too conservative);
  2. Human uplift focused more directly upon visual aesthetics;
  3. Human uplift predominated upon species that were genetically derived from fauna on Human worlds or within Human genebanks;

With such significant departures from the more conservative Yazri Imperial methodology, a wider margin of failure was inevitable. Policy for such incidents varied from world to world, though the primary methodology was one which was dubbed "Backfill". At its most basic level, backfill called for the scientists involved to purge all data on the project recursively and begin at the first stage of the project again. When this was not possible (e.g. in the event of a live and reproductively viable specimen's escape into its forebear race), a fallback of recapture and sterilize took hold instead. Though the necessity for such drastic actions was necessary in certain circumstances, there were few actual implementations of backfill. In at least one instance, a project that had been declared backfill was reclassified successful less than one Standard Year after declaration of backfill. While recursive purgation of historical records is not a commonly held meme among Persean humans, many backfill uplift projects have been so purged.

Noteworthy SuccessesEdit

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