Imchary of Barnatim was an Orcish cleric, warrior and martyr of the Barnatim faith.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Much of Imchary's life prior to his martyrdom is considered apocryphal, derived as it is from the Era of Legends. Many Pasydan settlements claim him as a native son even into the current Era of Law, and his name itself remains one of the most common male Orcish names in many parts of Pasyd. The most likely is that Imchary was born in a settlement at the base of the Frostsweep Mountains, the name of which is lost to history. Trained from a very young age in the Barnatim faith and educated in law and justice, it is believed that Imchary chose to become a travelling circuit judge.

The Era of Legends, even in relatively stable Pasyd, is considered to have been one of the golden eras of adventure and it came as little surprise that the role of circuit judge became subsumed by the role of peacekeeping adventurer. Many tales have entered into legend regarding these early travels.

Travel with the Young GodsEdit

In the prime of his life, Imchary took up the banner of an adventuring group known at the time as The Gray Circle. Many members of this group would go on to become the first of a new family of ascendant deities and none were less than legendary in their achievements. Imchary himself, it is said, received the patronage of his god Barnatim and his destiny seemed very clear.


During a winter of severe weather and ill portent, word came to the members of the Gray Circle that an attack on Fawdant was imminent though details were very few. Finding that more coverage could be provided by the individual members of the band splitting up, Imchary set out for a mountain pass southwest of Fawdant. Taking with him a full lance of Ordocar Paladins, Imchary clearly expected to find nothing.

Instead, upon his arrival into the pass, Imchary found a full army of drow marching under cover of magical darkness. Sending only a single messenger to warn of the attack, Imchary roused his troops to a divine frenzy and charged into the pass.

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