Imlassion Olassian Lithvir, born 965/1,312/Promise, is an Elven politician, cleric of Moondragon, and Elven rights activist. He currently serves as High Theocrat to the Noble Elven Kingdom of T'lassas.

Prior to his mandate as High Theocrat, Imlassion served as 2nd Lord Lithvir, charged with service to T'bomiex Arcology's Public Relations Office.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Born on level 72 of T'bomiex Arcology to the noble House Lithvir in 1,312 Promise, to Sidaugnon Lithvir, First Lord Lithvir and Belmeluth Lithvir (Née Celeyaryl), Second Lady Lithvir, Imlassion was the first of

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