The Inquirer's Second Battlegroup (ACBG-04) represents the Tinris World Navy's research fleet under the direct command of Admiral Conchúr Archelaos. The flagship for this fleet is WNS Inquirer's Second (AC-04).


The mission of ACBG-04 is to provide Tinris with implementable information on developing trends throughout Wildspace in various fields. Primary research fields with which ACBG-04 has been historically associated are:

  • Wildspace structural anomalies;
  • Research into the planar fabric of Wildspace;
  • Improvement of spelljamming technology;
  • Hypothetical research into the nature and purpose of the Spelljammer and other cryptids of Wildspace;
  • Research into the nature of the phlogiston itself;
  • Investigations into other Wildspace races on sociological, physiological and psychological levels;
  • Weaponization and research of artifacts found throughout Wildspace

Under the premise of superior tactics through superior knowledge, ACBG-04 asserts battlegroup precedence over Battlegroups 05 through 08.

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