The Insphere Transit Drive (abbreviated ITD, colloquially referred to as "Pop-drive" or "Shipgate") is a magineered device produced by the Menelstune Organized Covert Operations Organization for the Tinris World Navy.


The Insphere Transit Drive was developed in direct response to Fleet Initiative 17, issued by then Admiral of the Fleet Samuel Zevulun. The winning bid proposal was accepted by the World Navy on 1/1,510/Promise, ending the competition with Barllukdenr Holdings Inc, Tealeaf Industries Inc and the T'lassan Machinists Guild.


The first fully functional production ITD system was installed aboard WNS Immortal Journeyman on 15/1,512/Promise and the first successful test took that vessel to Far Reaches Station at 1200 hours Naval Time on 30/1,512/Promise. She returned by ITD at 2000 hours NT that same day, signaling the first steps toward a full implementation of the system throughout all qualified vessels of the World Navy.

Design and Operational DetailsEdit

The Insphere Transit Device, at its most basic level, uses a series of interlaced Gate spells keyed to a constant rotation harmonic drive core. While within a crystal sphere, the activation of the ITD by a trained helmsman can effect the transport of the vessel so equipped to any other crystal sphere for which the proper Gate frequency is known.

The activation of an ITD requires the vessel's helmsman to navigate to a distance double its overall length from any other gravity plane and then takes a period of six seconds to complete the proper alignment of its drive. Once this is completed, a trained helmsman wills the ship through the Gate, which closes instantaneously behind.

An ITD's housing measures (length x width x height, expressed in centimeters) 65 x 40 x 40. The housing contains a series of harmonically keyed rings spinning at a constant rotational speed. Testing shows that this housing can sustain minor to moderate damage and remain functional. A breach of the drive's containment housing, however, has been shown to have disastrous results similar to those caused by the overlap of extradimensional spaces.

At original implementation, the ITD system was capable of transporting any ship of overall length not exceeding 77 meters. As of 1,523 Promise an updated system which allows multiple ITD systems to harmonize has entered production and is being installed, by order of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon , throughout Admiral's Second Battlegroup (ACBG-01). This AITD (for Arrayed Insphere Transit Device) theoretically allows ships of any length and tonnage to travel in a manner identical to that of the original ITD.

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