The Interlace, colloquially The Lace or less commonly Ilace (pronounced eye-less in Galstandard), refers to the nearly omnipresent information network spanning all surveyed world of the Perseus Cluster. As a critical resource for dissemination, verification and analysis of information, all citizens of the Perseus Cluster are guaranteed basic access at all times.

Origin and HistoryEdit

The Interlace traces its origins back to the dawn of the Yazri Empire. First a tool for propaganda and information control by the Empire, the Interlace gradually became a tool for not only communication but distribution of ideology.

At the time of its inception, the Interlace was significantly limited in comparison to its current structure. Systems each had their own hub which could only uplink by subluminal courier on a rotating cycle. These couriers would upload all outsystem requests to an onboard computer and then proceed at best possible speed to the subsector hub. This process would repeat until the appropriate information resource was acquired, at which point the opposite courier (or the same courier, if their route was complete) would ferry the information back to the system of origin. Under this methodology, inquiries for outsystem information had an average delay in response ranging between 3 and 120 Standard Days, depending on courier traffic, distance to the information resource and the amount of outsystem information requested. Nonetheless, all system-wide information could be accessed instantaneously as multiple points of recursion were included at the system level.

Some historians argue that the advent of superluminal information distribution (first introduced during 12,100 On.D.) was causal in the dissolution of the Yazri Empire, while others consider the adoption of this new technology and the transition in power to be nothing more than coincidence.

In the modern implementation of the Interlace, information travels at a priority-based level. Superluminal information distribution by means of Quantum Entanglement Manipulation (QEM), while resource intensive in the extreme, has proven invaluable at all levels of Persean society and as such has seen widespread adoption. This has allowed a true galactic culture, as was originally envisioned when the Interlace was first created.

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