Isaac Childson, born 25 Josiara 14,227 On.D., was a Human ship commander, ship pilot and Purifier of the Church of the Stars.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Born to architect Jason and structural engineer Marilyn (nee Daika) Childson on 25 Josiara 14,227 On.D., on the Marai-class world Glisel, Isaac's choices in life seemed quite straightforward. However, upon completing his first year at Glisel Primary Academy the curicular advisor brought the possibility of military service before both the Board of Schools and Isaac's parents. Due to an increased range of physical activity and exceptional linguistic and spatial relations skills, it was determined that he would be placed in Fleet Secondary Training upon completion of his term at Glisel Primary Academy.

Tours of DutyEdit

Upon completion of Fleet Secondary Training, Childson was commisioned directly to the rank of Ensign aboard the PSS Sacrifice Wind under the command of Cpt Llyr Achaicus and began his monastic training as a Purifier. While still in training, Childson was promoted for meritorious conduct to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

After completing Purifier Initial Training aboard the Sacrifice Wind, Childson remained aboard for the onset of his second tour under the new Captain, Cpt Jonathan Thomasson another Purifier and served with distinction during several skirmishes with Agents of the Void, earning the Meritorious Service Medallion with 3 ranks and a promotion to the rank of Commander.

Upon Thomasson's departure on bereavement leave and the ensuing change of command staff, Childson requested and was granted transfer to a more active role. It was thus that he was assigned to the newly commissioned medium strike cruiser XHS Lost Day for space trials as the ship's Executive Officer under Cpt Olga Danijela. During space trials, the Lost Day came in brief contact with a Blightcruiser and was boarded. It is documented that during this boarding action, Cpt Danijela was compromised by Agency and summarily executed by Childson under the auspices of Operating Order 01. As acting Commanding Officer, Childson returned to dock for repairs and induction of a new Captain. Due to previous excellence in conduct, Cpt Jonathan Thomasson was assigned to the Lost Day at this time and dispatched without further delay across the Dark Heart.

The Lost Day suffered heavy damage in transition, but did not break up and received underway repairs one ship-week by rendezvous with heavy tender XHS Stalker's Savior. After completing underway repairs and resupply, the Lost Day promptly began its ten year tour in the area of Transheart space known to native inhabitants of that continuum as Known Space.

During the first Standard Year of service, the Lost Day engaged and destroyed a confirmed 14 Blightships of various configurations and made passive sensor contact with vessels of an unknown configuration which were assumed to be native to Known Space. Per Operating Order 05, no contact was made and the Lost Day maintained complete communications silence during near encounter situations.

On 303/14,249 On.D., the Lost Day made sensor contact followed by visual contact with a small derelict flotilla of Persean Concord Navy ultralight craft of differing classes. Following salvage protocols, the ships were thoroughly scanned and then grappled into an empty bay for inspection. After routine inspection and clearance of six of the twelve vessels, the seventh in bay exploded and caused severe superstructure damage to the Lost Day. Evacuation was necessitated and the ship scuttled. During EVA action, Childson cleared two of the remaining derelicts and under direct orders from Cpt Thomasson claimed it for further duty upon confirming it spaceworthy. As the wreckage of the Lost Day broke up, 50 hands aboard, Childson set engines to autopilot on random evasion and placed himself in stasis.

Service with the Tinris World NavyEdit

On 617/1,523/Promise, per the Tinris calendar, Isaac Childson found himself being released from medical care under the auspices of the Church of Celestian's Monsenor Paul Copperson and into the charge of Tinris World Navy's Admiral of the Fleet, Mozdanhorzon. Prior to his return to consciousness, Mozdanhorzon had located and secured Childson's tohar shelahl. By returning this badge of office to Childson, the two became fast comrades and Childson was invited to come aboard the Admiral's flagship, the WNS Bright Star.

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