Isaacsphere, also recorded as Isaac's Sphere or less commonly by its previous nomenclature Ouiyanspace is a crystal sphere at the farthest reaches of Known Space.

Nomenclature and HistoryEdit

Previously recognized by the Mercane and all other races of Known Space as Ouiyanspace, the sphere was renamed after the events of 70/1,524/Promise in response to a formal request by the Tinris World Navy operating under orders of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon. The change, according to highly placed sources within the World Navy, was made to honor the noble sacrifice of a foreign dignitary, Commander Isaac Childson of the Perseus Concord Navy and a Purifier of the Church of the Stars. Childson is said to have, through direct self-sacrificial action, singlehandedly devestated an enemy fleet of Blightships, though no further information has been forthcoming. Through this act, he is claimed to have saved countless lives among the remaining fleet elements actively combating the Agents of the Void in-system. As Tinris World Navy Home Office holds full rights of registry and Ouiyanspace had long been declared a Known Hazardous Sphere for spelljamming traffic, the request to register the change of name was processed officially on 80/1,524/Promise with the World Navy being duly represented by Admiral Shad of Champion's Second Battlegroup (ACBG-05).

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