The Isaacsphere Shipyard also more fomally the Isaac Childson Memorial Shipyard in some documentation, refers to a megastructure built by technicians and engineers of the Persean Concord Navy on behalf of the Tinris World Navy within the crystal sphere designated as Isaacsphere. Its construction was undertaken to properly provide upgrade and underway repairs to the capital ship WNS Arcadia's Revenge while she was in system after her initial voyage under the command of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon.


With state of the art macroscale nano-fabrication provided by the Concord Navy, construction of the Isaacsphere Shipyard was primarily accomplished in the span of 2 Standard Days. The necessary base materials were provided from the stores of XHS Brilliant Castle, a star carrier which joined the World Navy forces on interdiction duties after the Arcadia's Revenge escorted her and her carrier group across the Dark Heart of Space. Engineering support was directed by Lieutenant Eleonora Ainsleydale of the PCN's 35th Naval Engineering Corps.


As one of the first concrete examples of Persean/Tinrisian cooperation and cultural exchange, the Shipyard is considered as much ceremonial as practical. Ceremonially, the shipyard represents the aforementioned spirit of cross-continuum cooperation. Practically, it represents a distinct effort to integrate technological aspects offered by the Concord Navy with magical and magineered aspects of the World Navy.


While of the basic functions of the shipyard are either partially or fully automated through continued application of nanotechnology, the 'yard does maintain an integrated complement of 20 full time engineers split evenly between the Navies.

Capacity and CapabilityEdit

As of 199/1,524/Promise, the shipyard is capable of providing berth for two vessels up to superheavy or a combination of various smaller sizes. Expected full capacity by the end of the year is projected at four superheavy vessels with a greater array of options for smaller ships. The shipyard's available services include, but are not limited to:

  • Underway repair and replenishment - The ability to refuel a vessel, resupply the vessel's foodstocks, and various levels of repair. Most commonly this is fuel for Persean ships and foodstuffs or munitions for ships of both Navies;
  • Long term refit and overhaul - The ability to berth a vessel for a longer period to allow the vessel in question to be refitted with a large variety of upgrades or sidegrades. Most commonly this is a change in communications, sensors or engineering technology or magineering as appropriate though changing weaponry and munitions can also be accomplished at this shipyard.

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