Admiral Isidora Kieran (236/14,181 On.D. - 235/14,258 On.D.) was a Human military officer, diplomat and explorer. She is most famously remembered as a member of the Known Space First Contact Team and for her distinctionin service while serving on detached duty to the Tinris World Navy. Her official rank at the time of her death is officially listed as Admiral of the 3rd Transheart Fleet within Persean Concord Navy records and as Fleet Ambassador to the Admiralty In Ordinary within Tinris World Navy records. She died in combat at the Battle of Nexspace.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Kieran, born 236/14,181 On.D. to Commodore Galene (nee Vanamo) and Admiral Rory Kieran was the last of four children and the only girl. As a matter of course, Kieran was groomed from a very early age for military service. Her brothers Arthur (born 105/14,176), Shaw and Brice (born 150/14,179) had all followed in their parents' footsteps and joined the Persean Concord Navy.

Upon completion of primary school, Kieran immediately requested testing for Navy service.


According to Sheba Kuklophemus, Admiral Kieran was the individual known as "the Traveller" in Tinrisian prophecy.

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