Jator Sotil, also called: Trackless Valiant, Black Harrier and Godknight. Jator Sotril is the Planar Deity of Nobility and Valor.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

A Celestial Deity, the Godknight was called to Tinris in the Era of Conflict to champion the cause of Good, and He has since been the bright beacon to which the races of Tinris rally in times of great darkness.

Historically, Jator’s followers choose the path of the Paladin over the vocation of Cleric, though it is not without precedent for one of His chosen to minister to communities rather than serve in the fields of combat. There are also a number of Rangers in service to the Black Harrier aspect of Jator. His worshipers tend to wear highly polished black metal armor rather than robes or vestments, though when serving in a non-combat situation they can be found to wear tightly tailored breeches and flowing tunics dyed black and trimmed with red embroidery. When questioned on the choice of their deity’s colors, the champions of Jator often smile and inform the inquiring party that black is the presence of all colors and the reflection of none, and red is the color of blood spilled in righteous battle.

Jator Sotil is a Lawful Good Lesser Deity, dwelling on the plane of Celestia. Jator’s portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Knights, diplomats, law officers and bounty hunters. Domains: Law, Good, Nobility, War. His holy symbol is a black shield with red chevrons and His favored weapon is the battleaxe.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Jator Sotil are usually benedictions – even when uttered in anger or hostility: “By the black brightness of the Harrier, may peace find you now and always.” “In all things, the blessing of the Valiant shall persevere.” “Godknight’s peace to the restless!”

The Grand Temple of Jator is the primary house of worship dedicated to Him. This structure, and all lesser temples devoted to the Godknight’s worship take a spartan view of grandeur, though are nonetheless breathtaking. Each is a masterwork of perfectly angular black marble, streaked with crimson veins. The sanctuary of these buildings is always lit with pleasantly bright black candles, and censers offer forth sweet smoke during the gatherings of the faithful.

The avatar of the Black Harrier is one that strikes fear into the wicked and can rally even the most broken morale of the faithful with a glance. This tall, muscular and fully armored figure trapped in the battle raiment of one of His Paladins and riding a massive black stallion is the very epitome of knighthood and valor given form. Wind does not move the plumage of the Godknight’s helm and the nearly palpable, very visible aura of Good bolsters any who would continue to fight while demoralizing any Evil creatures who might stand against Him and His chosen.

Jator’s Herald Messenger is a Celestial Gold Dragon named Peacemaker. Peacemaker can often be found flying over the field of combat. Sometimes, however, Peacemaker will take human form to minister to the faithful and tend to the wounded of any great battle regardless of their allegiance.

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