The Joint Defense and Military Resources Act (JDaMRA) of 100 Reunification is a piece of legislation enacted on 1/100/Reunification as part of an overarching global initiative by the independent governments of Tinris, the Admiralty of the Tinris World Navy and a rare convocation of the Patron and Planar deities.

Purpose and ScopeEdit

The original drafts of JDaMRA included the foundation of numerous support structures and an overarching scope which was deemed unachievable at the time of its proposition. Instead, the JDaMRA became "a focused piece of legislation intended to empower the Tinris World Navy and its subsidiary and auxiliary organizations to right, righteous and justified action."

In specific, the JDaMRA:

"Mandates and further consolidates the creation, operation and charter of the Tinris World Navy, the Tinris Waterborne Fleet, the Tinris Domestic Ground Force, and all subsidiary branches thereof as necessary to provide for the defense, military advancement and proper representation both at home and abroad of Tinrisian interests. Where necessary and appropriate, each organization chartered under this legislation is to co-operate in good faith and with all due dilligence to ensure the overall service to and betterment of the Tinrisian people. All previous legislative and creative provisions are hereby superceded by this Act."


"This Act shall also impart to each Sovereign Nation of Tinris the authority to raise, conscript and maintain a standing military force as deemed appropriate by its own government so long as such a force does not conflict with global military operations as a whole."


"This Act provides details for and empowers its executors to enact internal policing of organizations created and chartered under its auspices, up to and inclusive of capital punishment, civil punishment and resolution of conflict."

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